Thursday, July 13, 2006

What's that coming over the hill... it a monster? - not just the name of Josh's favourite song but seems as if it was also written for Jared.

After an evening in the garden upsetting the newly filled* cat's water tray so that he could make footprints.... (scarily remiscent of the shape that a baby yeti might make).

*Mum is insistant upon cleaning and refilling the cat's water each time that she visits even though she has been told that the cats will turn their noses up at it for at least a week and annoy the neighbours by drinking from their bird bath. (Mum is however a great help and we all love her *hugs* )

Apparently animals poo when they are frightened and the snail that Jared found is proof of this....! How can something so tiny make such a big poo? Anyway Jared was very excited by the new addition to his pet that he used his finger to collect some and chase his brother around the garden. (Hope you weren't eating whilst reading this *grins*)

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