Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Eat It

Josh had his first full day at school today and survived. Just. I knew that it was not good when he came out of school looking very sad and said 'I missed you mum' 'today was bad' and even wanted to give Jared a hug.

I think that all went well until lunch time... I made Josh his super healthy energy packed nutritious lunch last night. Lol Jase got carrot and cucumber sticks in his too 'cos I couldn't be bothered to make two separate lunch boxes. Josh is not allowed anything vaguely bad for you a la Jamie Oliver and whilst I agree that chocolate and the like in excess is not a good thing, I think that children still have to want to eat their lunch. I snuck in a brioche filled with yummy strawberry filling that cunningly disguises itself as a plain bread roll :)
I digress. I got a 'phone call at about 10 past 12 from Josh's teacher asking why I had not picked him up. Horrible phone call, you just think that something bad has happened when the school phones during the day. It hadn't luckily. So I explained that he is in the age group that stays all day ( I had checked with her when I dropped him off) and after she had checked ( like I'm gonna send him all day if he is not s'posed to be there!) she agreed that yes, I should be picking him up at 3pm.

After I got off the phone I worried (Mum's are allowed to worry!) If Josh was with the teacher, when was he gonna have is lunch :(

Sure enough when Josh had become less upset, he told me that he had to eat his lunch on his own and did not have time to eat all of it which made me upset :( I may have to investigate this further tomorrow. I know that it is probably a little thing in the daily life of the school but for a little person having his first packed lunch on his own makes me sad and it was a big thing to him.

Ok rant over :) Josh was knackered (as to be expected) and napped when he got in (he's still awake now thanks to that nap (it's gone midnight)) but recovered enough to have tea and go training.

and finally.... It's Talk Like a Pirate Day...It be today! no really...lookie here I saw the funniest pirate joke on Lythan's blog. Its really bad but still makes me chuckle....

Why are pirates called pirates?
Because they aaaaar!

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