Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sharp Dressed Man

So... Still got loads to update after our period offline. First up is..... Marc and Julie's Wedding.

The day itself ran smoothly, it was just Josh's suit that proved difficult. It came from a place in Swindon called Garry Andrew website here If you are ever in the area and in need of a posh suit, don't go there. No really. Don't even think about it. Not Ever. No way.

I had only had one dealing with them before and that was the bridal bit where a really snotty woman told my friend that in order to fit into a decent dress she would need to get a boob job (!)

The fitting itself was ok, the gentleman whom I guess is 'Garry' is so miserable though and had no idea how to deal, act or speak to little people and was generally the sort of person that you would not ever want to deal with again.

The suit was picked up and tried on at home, only for us to discover that it had a button missing and.... was too big imo.

So a call to the shop and and after a lengthly discussion with a female - I'm guessing that she is not Garry's wife IYSWIM but was certainly obtuse enough to be, It transpired that they could not possibly have sent a suit out without a button but they did offer to pay parking for me to travel in with both children to allow them to correct their error.

Garry was his happy self. Actually no, he was downright rude. He got annoyed with Jared for daring to walk around the shop and stressed with Josh cos he wanted to try on a top hat. Grrrrrr. If they had done their job in the first place, we wold not have been there.

Anyhoo button was fixed. Suit was tried on but Garry ' I have a lot more experience of this that you' refused to admit that the suit was too big. I have added pictures for you to decide....Parking monies was thrown at me. LOL they gave me an envelope containing £1.10 of coppers. Could they be any more awkward? And we left never ever to return.

On the left, we have the suit as deemed ok at the fitting... and on the right we have the suit at the wedding, a completely different one from the one tried on but according to Garry also fits. Hmmm. It didn't matter, Josh looked lush and was a little superstar all day :)

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