Monday, October 02, 2006


Dear Blog,

I am sorry I have neglected you, I must try harder lol!

Ok so have not been on here much, not sure where last week went but we are now in a new week and a super shiny new month!

I have been a bit snowed under with crafty tasks, it didn't help that I suddenly decided to enter another comp so stupidly pulled an all nighter Thursday to try and get things done!I am actually quite pleased with the finished cards... It's just a shame that once again the Royal Mail have failed to deliver goods on time, as promised. So a phone call this morning to Royal Mail to complain. Lots. + a very groveling email to Practical Publishing.... Very nice lady at PP said that they will consider the cards *smiles*. Very rude man at Royal Mail, letter of complaint is done and dusted. Whether or not it actually gets there remains to be seen. They have not replied to my last one... Probably haven't got a chance but hey! You never know and *you've got to be in it to win it!*

So what else has happened? Our washing machine finally decided that it needed to go to the great home of white goods in sky ( this blog entry is soooo exciting...) So after a phone call to the insurance type people, a new one will be here later in the week. If the door was any bigger, I think the drum would have rolled out into the kitchen! At least the school and work uniforms are clean for the week and Jared promised me that he will not attract mess and dirt whilst I have to attempt handwashing.

So that's about it! Still got a million and three things to make, a magazine deadline looming and days have not yet miraculously been extended by 5 hours. May not be around much but I will leave you with a picture of the coconut that Josh chose from the supermarket... We have named him 'Roly Mo'
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