Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can...

So we managed to get locked out of the house :( Put the door on the latch to say bye to Mum on Friday and Jared and Josh followed, one of them managing to knock the latch on the way out.

No problem... Back door is always open if we are in 'cept Mum had been and been super vigilant and locked it as she passed. Ok Jase will be home in a mo. 'cept keys are still in the front door (on the wrong side) so no key is gonna open that lock :(

Minutes passed. Cue anxious children, more Joshie than Jared but Jared joining in 'cos he can. Yay!! A brainwave (yes it hurt) Dining room window was open. Troops maneuvered and into position 'round the back. Josh primed for a superb Peter Parker impression. Or not.

After a while of gentle persuasion *you can do it* etc. We (Mum and I) finally managed to lift Josh rather unceremoniously through the window. Hurrah. Quick trip back round the front as Josh can't do the stair gate en route to the back door and we all had a cuppa to celebrate.... Sweet money from Nan for Josh 'cos he was a big brave boy and sweet money for Jared just because :) Money well spent in shop on Saturday.....

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