Thursday, May 24, 2007

Love School?

I do - especially when Joshie comes home with a letter giving 3 days notice that he needs a costume for the Ugly Bug Ball.... Much stressing later, Josh was proudly kitted out in a recycled Halloween costume - bought on the the cheap in Sainsburys... Tis supposed to fit Jared but did quite well as a top :) Black T-shirt which he was more impressed about as it has a cool skull on it - £1 in Matalan and some spider legs *cough* tights :) There would be no way that Josh would wear tights but spider legs seemed to be ok lol. Spiked hair and cool spidy shades. Done. Yippee. There were lots of little boy spiders and slugs (all in black lol) and lots of little girl butterflies (party dresses and wings :)) oh and a bumble bee - whose mother (apparently slaved for 36 hours making the costume) made the most noise in a look at my child kind of way....

I think that Josh looked fantastic :) I did the organised Mum thing too and packed him some shorts for this arbo as it is way to hot to wear spidy legs all day :)

jo xx


greyparrot said...

pmsl at the spider legs! :D
He does look tres cool!

Oblibby said...

Josh looks so cool, Jo :D:D.

Love the way you call the tights spiders legs. One of my friends is a teacher and they were doing a tv documentary at her school at panto time and her first scene on tv was telling a little lad that "they're not tights, they're leggings!!)

Lythan said...

You done good on the old costume front. And I am the proud owner of a Skoda you know!

Anonymous said...

wow he looks GREAT

remind him later maybe whe he brings his 1st girlfriend home about the day he wore TIGHTS lol

I do it to mine all the while

Est xxx said...

fabby costume Jo you did good girl, I am so glad I am not the only mum who is bombarded with short notice school events, had a "teddy bears picnic fancy dress" sprung on me last year with two days notice!!! Sewing machine was so busy it almost demanded minimum wage!!!

Rachel said...

Those spidey legs are Brill - I had to laugh just looking at them with that big fat face above them