Monday, June 11, 2007


Hope everyone had a good weekend :) I entered every competition known to (wo)man on the interweb in the vain hope of winning tickets to Donnington but alas, it was not to be and anyway like the horrific Katie from the Apprentice, had not really thought about care for my two little angels.... Consoled myself with the fabby Rock in Rio concert on BBC4 *Bruce Rocks*

Completely overdosed on reality TV - Got bored of Joseph after Daniel got knocked out but I suppose that the most suited person won. Had no interest in Grease, they were all a bit pants IMO but did actually like Britain's Got Talent, 'twas good that they actually focused on the good people rather than the complete nutters/untalented and watched at Big Brother :)

Josh spent most of yesterday telling us not to blink

and we potted lots of plants. Mine are not the greenest of fingers, infact probably as far removed from green as is possible but, hopefully, we shall be able to reap lots of lovely herbs, chillies, peppers and eggplants in the coming weeks. I did toy with the idea of tomatoes but they are just the right size and colour to attract little Jared hands...

Nan is back in the Hospital so I made her this, based on the CPS 16 Sketch

I thought that a nice funky card would brighten her day, hope she likes it!
Homemade ambulance, Bazzill Brads and Prima Flowers from my lovely sister's shop, Bazzill card and Paperchase papers, Queen & Co Sequins, Hand stitching and Inking.

TFL :)


Est xxx said...

Lol @ Little Josh, that is exactly the type of thing Mia would say after watching that too!!!

I love your little ambulance, have recently bought the cuttlebug little aeroplane...reminds me of Jay Jay...and it is a similar style so cute.

Lythan said...

Dr Who was scary.
Ambulance is fabby.
Hope your nan is better soon.
And I love the snail photos too!

Patsy Jackson said...

Great card Jo - cute little ambulance! Hope it cheered your grandma up!

Patsy x

Paula J Atkinson said...

Sorry your nan is back in hospital.
Beautiful card for her.

I was actually quite scared by the incidental music on Dr Who!

Samm said...

Sorry to hear about your Nan! what a great funky card though, I'm sure it'll help cheer her up!