Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Man Cards...

I always forget to upload bits and bobs that I have made for Papercraft Inspirations, I made a card today though that was kinda based on a topper that I made for them a while ago. The toppers appeared in last month's mag and as the new issue is now out, I'm guessing that it is okay to show :)

and the card? Well it ties in nicely with the DCM little extra this week;

This week we have a recipe challenge for the Little Extra. There's an old rhyme that tells brides what they should wear on their wedding day to be sure of good luck, it goes:
Something Old
Something New
Something Borrowed
and Something Blue

This week we'd like you to incorporate these four things into your card -
It doesn't have to be a Wedding card, despite the verse - just as long as your card features each of those things on it.
Borrowed could be borrowed from another card, some ribbon from a chocolate box, a tiny piece "borrowed" from a child's hair ribbon, even a postage stamp from an old envelope, it could also be an item or technique borrowed from a different crafty sphere...And before you ask - whilst you're allowed to use a sewing machine to make your card - it CAN'T be your borrowed item - as that would be just TOO EASY and this is supposed to be a challenge, isn't it! hehehe

Something Old....... Buttons from a Charity Shop
Something New....... Fantastic new today digi papers
Something Borrowed.. Aha Kathy - I used HAND stitching as machine is banned...
Something Blue...... Colour of the paper.

The papers are from Kirsty Wiseman's most marvellous digi kit

You can download them via her blog.
and I made this card with a homemade skull and boney bits using Di Hickman's sketch;

and Jared made this;



Patsy Jackson said...

Great cards Jo - I loved your piece in PI too! I especially like Jared's card - think he's gonna be better at this crafty stuff than his mummy (if that's poss) when he's older!! lol!

And thanks for your lovely comment on my blog ;)

Fiona Carter said...

Great cards. Love the shirt cards and the use of the digi papers.

artfulstampin said...

What great use of those fab papers! Loving those toppers in the magazine, well done you! And loving the ones you have on ebay too!

Kathy said...

grrrr, I knew I should have covered all bases - you bad, naughty Jo you!

Great card though - love those colours!

Spot-On said...

ooooh love these card! great kit! Awesome job with the sketch! TFS!

Melissa Goodsell said...

Again, such beautiful cards Jo. So funky and how cool is the shirt card, the colours look fabulous,

Alhambra Club said...

Great cards, thanks for letting those of us "across the pond" share in the fun. I really enjoyed this receipe challenge

Paula J Atkinson said...

Fabby cards. I like the toppers you designed for PI. I had made something similar for a layout & never thought to use it on a card. Then for the Celestial dare I did & it worked. you gave me a lot more ideas.

Wow love Jared's card, so cool!!

Gillian said...

Jo great work on the Mag stuff... it looks AWESOME!!!
What a post and a half this... a complete visual feast!!!!