Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mothering Sunday...

I hope all Mummys had a fantabulous day :) Jared made me a beautiful card with a teapot on it and proudly presented me with a pot - we have no idea what it contains but I am sure that time will tell! W had traditional (in our house) takeaway pizza (mine without cheese as cheese is made by disgustigons*...) Yum :)

*probably not a word but it fits nicely :)

and another Mum card - for J's Mum. All made using the rather lovely Come out and Play kit designed by Kate Hadfield, Catrine and Birgit.

TFL :)


Alhambra Club said...

Two totally fantatic cards, you mut post a picture of what blooms in that pot, curious now.

Kathy said...

Clever Jared!
Flossies right - don't forget to post a pic of what comes up from that pot.

Love the card you made too btw ;)

Jozza said...

Hi Jo, as you are my most favourite crafter it is only fair that I tag you! Please see my blog for the questions! Loving you new stuff (as usual)


Louly said...

Your blogs looking fab Jo, I love all of your cards, your style rocks! Well done with the Do Crafts news, sound like fun.

Em said...

What lovely pressies from your gorgeous boy!

Glad you had such a lovely day!

Julie said...

really great card, love it