Thursday, December 04, 2008

Be Inspired at Home

Kathy's fantabulous dare this week;

This week you can make any card you like - so it can still be for Christmas, or to say Thank You or a card for any occasion you like, but I'd like you to look for your inspiration right there, in your home.

The idea is that you look around your home and find a pattern, design, motif etc - or just part of one that you can replicate and use as the inspiration for your card design
You could use the pattern of the floor or wall tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, or even your patio tiles
Or maybe there's a pattern/motif that's used on a picture frame, wallpaper or curtains.
Or how about checking your crockery, a vase, an ornament for a motif you could develop into a design for a card
Once you start looking around, you'll see loads of little design motifs that can work for you - at least I hope you will!
And now I'm going to be really greedy and say that it would be especially good if you could add a photo of the original item when you write your blog!
I don't ask for much, do I? hehehe

MM and Dream Street papers, Melissa Frances rub ons, Coca Cola Santa sticker from Poundland - mounted on to chipboard and inked/embossed, inking and faux stitching

Inspired by something that is in the home - just not a fixture or fitting but rather, a Coca Cola bottle :) It does always feel Christmassy once the Coke ad arrives on the telebox


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