Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vintage bunting from the dotcomgiftshop...

I was lucky enough to be sent some gorgeous Vintage Union Jack Bunting;

from the dotcomgiftshop

and in anticipation of this afternoon's game, it is currently adorning the living room. The bunting really is superb, it measures around eight metres in length and has the most beautiful stitched ribbon detail. An added bonus is that it is double sided with the reverse having red white and blue bunting to co-ordinate with the front pattern. Little Jared has requested that we hang it in the garden for his summer birthday!

The quality of the fabric and stitching is top notch and best of all after being outside in this country where it is sure to rain at some point, you can wash it (and iron it if you enjoy that sort of thing!)

Vintage is super trendy at the mo and bunting is cropping up everywhere, both inside and outside. This bunting is incredible value for money as it can be hung for so many occasions - this afternoon once the boys return from school, it is destined to be enveloped in the rather loud hum of their vuvuzelas and hopefully the sound of lots of cheers for England as the ball hits the back of the Slovenian net....

C'mon England!

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