Saturday, September 24, 2011

Eye Spy

I am lucky enough to be featured on Basic Grey's blog today!! It is a huge honour! You can the details here.

This is my card;

It started life as a topper using Basic Grey that I created for Papercraft Inspirations a while back and I turned it into a card using more Basic Grey Wander;

and a brief brush with 'fame' for Jared - we were lucky enough to get tickets for last weekend's Live 'n' Deadly roadshow at Lydiard - the boys had lots of fun on the climbing wall, seeing lots of animals and birds, meeting the Croc Man and, Jared met Steve Backshall and was shown on the telebox this morning;


Julie Kirk said...

I was so excited when I saw you on their blog! It's a lovely card, I'm not surprised it caught their eye.

I'm definitely going to look into the product linky box you have there. Great idea. :-)

Ruth S said...

Congrats on the BG spot Jo! Love that cute caravan ;)
Congrats to Jared on his TV spot too, lol!!

Ribbon Girl said...

Congrats to Mum and Jared!!! you're school mates will be after your autograph this week!! Hugs from Mary G x