Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Knitted Monkey...

Overnight Monkey appears to have crocheted a Father Christmas Hat and is the process of creating a jumper...

Pattern for Monkey's hat;
He used a size 3 hook and some left over cotton yarn)

UK terms)

Using red yarn

DC 6 into a magic ring
R1-18 DC 6

R19 (inc1 DC2)x2 (8 stitches)

R20 (inc1 DC3)x2 (10 stitches)

R21 (inc1 DC4)x2 (12 stitches)

R22 (inc1 DC5)x2 (14 stitches)

R24 (inc1 DC6)x2 (16 stitches)

continue like this until you reach 36 stitches at round 33

R34-37 DC around (36 stitches)

change to white yarn

R38-40 (FPDC1 DC1)repeat around to create the ribbing effect

Finish off.

Wear hat.

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