Thursday, October 05, 2006


Have had really busy week (again) but finally think I have caught up with most of the things I had to do.... Currently waiting for the washing machine man to arrive with our brand new shiny machine *drums fingers* Thank you Mum for allowing us to use yours *waves*

Went to Bath yesterday to hand some bits in to the magazine and then went back to Mum and Dad's for lunch. At least that deadline has been met :) sneaky peeky....
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Bath is definately not nice now, I used to frequent the city quite a lot, especially when I lived in Chippenham as it is not a very happening place lol. Bath was quite mingy, all the cool and eclectic shops have given way to a masse of phone shops and cheapo pound type stores - I do like pound land as they sell loads of bits to dissamble and crate crafty masterpieces with but these were just flled with cards and Crimbo deccies of the highest naffness. I think I even prefer Swindon for shopping. hmmm or maybe not!

Managed to pick up the latest copy of Papercraft Inspirations and it comes with a free Christmas Cards supplement - made all the better by having some of my cards contained inside :) - How big headed does that sound lol. I'm very pleased that they have chosen to use some of my cards :) They are even featured on the front and back cover of the mini mag!... The closest thing that I will ever get to being a cover star!

Christmas cards are featuring heavily in my crafty task list, made these little paper piecings from a pattern that I found in a vintage issue of Scrapbooks etc. - I discovered it in a charity shop for 10p ( I like bargains!). Mailed the magazine as it was so old to ask about copyright and apparently I can make them for 'personal use' so these will not be seeing the light of day on eBay but might make their way on to my cards this year :) Not 100% convinced about the peel offs as am not a fan but they are quick and easy....

Got an email to say I have made the top 20 in cardmaker of the year comp *cheers*

....and Jared said 'Jared' for the first time today. He is so funny, he couldn't say it and used to substitute 'Josh' Today's favorite words have still been 'tuddle mummy'and 'roooar'...

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic news about being shortlisted for the competition. Your cards are stunning, you'll do brilliantly I'm sure!