Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Interview

Found this fab clip of my friend Jim being interviewed...

Jim's Interview

Went to Bath yesterday to search for some pink crocs but they did not have my size :( The boys stayed at Nanny and Grandad's the night before so picked them up on the way back. Jared is poorly and finished his day by being sick in his cot... he is not too bad now but very quiet which is most unlike him.

I've been humming this all day
sooo annoying, if you haven't seen Anchorman - don't bother... The only funny thing that makes me chuckle is the inane way in which Jim and Jase can watch it for the 35th time and still laugh. Out loud. Enjoy.

The response that we have had to the Dares blog has been absolutely amazing. Thank you all so much for the fab comments, mentioning us and joining in! The new dare goes live tomorrow and you will love it :)

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