Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just for the Record

Today we are all supposed to upload our blog entries so that 'historians' can store them as a record of 'now'. Lol like anyone is going to be interested in what I had for tea today (it was homemade spag bol with garlic bread:)). Or what time I got up (It was around 7, Josh got up not long after, I got Jared up at 8 and Jase had been up since 4.30 lol). Or whether I watched any tele (yup) oh, ok Jared and I watched... Wait for it.... Charlie and Lola (again)and Big Cook Little Cook *yawns*. We also did some crafty sticking, had lunch played football in the garden and Jared napped. Josh went to school - it was school photo day, luckily I remembered 30 seconds before leaving and changed his jumper for his posh one with the school emblem. Jase went to work 'driving big lorries' as Josh would say and I was supposed to make a couple of cards... Might attempt one now before bed :)

I had a sneaky peak at the other entries here... Aren't bloggers boring :) I read somewhere that the more boring, the better, good job... :)

Ah and I noticed that Jane is back yay *waves frantically* I have missed you....

Jo x.


Flo said...

oh dear, I forgot to do this yesterday - my day would have been just as exciting!

thanks for the comment on my bloggy, fellow Swindonite :)

Saffa said...

PLEASE NOTE: I have renamed my blog the link is now


Anonymous said... to your blog via..via..via... you know how it goes! LOL

Just for the Record...imagine that you had all the information you quoted there (what you had for tea, what time you got up, whether you watched any telly, what occupied your day) about your great-grandmother in 1885.
Well...perhaps not what she watched on telly (for that would be silly :-D ). But my point is, it would be completely fascinating wouldn't it?

Having said that, I put an entry on the One Day website and felt very dull indeed! LOL

Kathy said...

funny, I thought I'd lefet a "That card is fantastic - you are sooo talented" message on here. Must be lost in cyber space.

Anyway Jo, that card is fantastic, you are sooo talented.

Actually that card is more than fantastic.