Sunday, November 19, 2006

Vote for Me!!

I am so excited!!... I'm a finalist in the Cardmaker of the year Competition!! !

For anyone who has the magazine, I'm on page 53 - number 15... If you would like to vote for my cards (no pressure!!) you may do here.... *VOTE FOR ME!!* (please!) - Mine is the one that says '15 Thanks & Happy Christmas by Jo Kill from Swindon'

and here are the cards that I entered...

I would like to thank you if you do vote for me :) and also thank the fantastic lovely people that have given me a mention on their blogs... It is such a brill feeling and you have made me feel really special :)

Jo x


Gillian Hamilton said...

Yah for JO!!!!
congrats on making a finalist, you must be stoked!! you sound like you are...
I voted for you... don't know if an Australian vote counts but I did..
I love your designs you entered.. my fav out of the 3 is the one with the 3 flowers.. It rocks!!!
I really hope you win. :o)

Anonymous said...

Already have voted for you (Keryn's blog). I'll keep my fingers crossed for you - just love your cards Jo.

Saffa said...

I been and voted Jo,

You cards are well flipping gorgeous!!! I REALLY REALLY hope you get picked, you really really deserve it!


(hmm thats a lot of really reallys)

Templar said...

Congrats..I will make sure I vote...good luck.

Kathy said...

You got my vote.

Got the mag on Saturday and the cards look great, Jo

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, my goodness, what stunning and inspirational work you do...I am pants at cards...but you have made me want to really have a go at it again...beautiful work...I have been and voted! :), good luck