Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cake and Cards

Made cake this week with Jared - the recipe is from my new hero of all things food, Bill Grainger. He rules!!! We try and make something most weeks but this week we missed our usual timeslot as we went to visit Nan. All done now though and took a piece for Nan this afternoon :)

and also made these cards for Mum's-neighbour-across-the-road, Tracey *waves at Tracey*

I don't normally do that many comissioned cards, mainly due to having two rather 'spirited' children lol but I did enjoy doing these;

My turn to dare tomorrow... mwhahahaha :) This week we also have the amazingly talented Lynne as a guest designer so don't forget to have a lookie after 10 tomorrow morning. See you all then :)


Allison said...

These cards are awesome! (From a mother of two...ahem..."spirited" children.)

Rhi said...

Gorgeous cards Jo, I love the little giraffe, so cute! Hope you're feeling less stressed soon ((hug))

Lythan said...

Oh that giwaffe is so cwute! Is he a die cut? (could be a she can't tell from here!)And they get spirited in different ways when older, but you do get more time to yourself!

Gillian Hamilton said...

wow these are gorgeous Jo... I really love them.. You always use such beautiful combinations of colours..