Friday, March 16, 2007

How Random!

This week the fantastic Kel has set a brilliant dare that is a real challenge.

Firstly make a list of 10-20 crafty items you have in your stash, whether it be brads, ribbons, peel-off's, craft robo, dies, stamps, glittter, buttons, flowers, patterned papers, paint... You get the idea! Give them all a number or print them out a sheet and pop them in a hat all folded up.
Next, ask someone non-crafty to either pick 3-5 of your numbers or pieces of paper from your from your hat.
Finally, make a card using ONLY the items chosen. A card blank, some sort of sticky stuff and your basic craft tools are allowed If you want to make it really challenging, list plenty of items that you haven't used in a while, or thought you may never use again!

So I made a list of embellishments, cut up little bits of paper with the corresponding numbers on them and let the boys pull 2 each out of a prima hydrangea tin lid(!). Definitely hedging my bets by not adding techniques such as doodling, inking and sewing (or Patterned paper cos that would just be way too challenging!). On the list were; Eyelets, Brads, Prima Flowers, Silk Flowers, Ribbon, Paper String, Photo Turns, Clips, Photo Hangers, Buttons, Die Cuts, Adhesive Embellishments, Chipboard, Punched Shapes, Lace, Mini Tags, Slide Mounts.
Posh name for peel offs....!

The boys very dutifully chose Silk Flowers Ribbon, Chipboard and Punched Shapes.

I made this....

....Destined for Dad's-friend-at-work-Rachael, then realised that it should not have brads or adhesive embellishments...

Jared wandered up to his Daddy later that day.with one of the tiny numbered pieces of paper and said; "Me made smallest book in the world...I read it to you...Once upon a time...Princess...The End!" So he can do cute after all lol (and he got the sticker from the boys box of crafty bits rather than rummaging through mine...!)

So Dare card take two...

Supplies are Basic Grey Blush paper, Silk flowers from Poundland(the big one!) and Dunelm Mills(the small one!) Punched Circles, Ribbon from Little Silver Hat and K&CO chipboard 'M'. This was certainly a challenging dare but lots of fun too! As per usual the Design Team have made fantabulous little pieces of art and they are all on the blog. Can't wait to see what you all create from your randomness!!!

TFL :)

jo xx


Sam Morris said...

Sooo pretty, absolutely LOVE both of these!!

~ Sam

gaby said...

Hi Jo!
I love this idea. It's a way to use things we never think to use.
And I love the card too!

mamaluke said...

Fabulous, I've just discovered a little shop in my town selling some cheap silk flowers...weeehheee!!!

Gillian Hamilton said...

Awwwww....What a precious little book Jared made... soooo cute!!!
Your cards are gorgeous Jo.. Brilliant colour choice.. They just SHINE!

Kathy said...

Fab cards - both of them - but just how did you train those boys of yours to pick out all your favourite bits?

Rein said...

These are pretty!

Rhi said...

Gorgeous Jo, both of your cards. How fabulous is Jared's little book, awwwww, so cute! Rhi x (broody now!)

Susan said...

I love your cards, Jo! And how cute that Jared made a little book! It must be fun at your house :-D
Those big yellow flowers are just wonderful. In the photo it looks like they have pretty, subtle colours in the petals. That really adds something too, but they are fabulous whether or not they have the subtle shadings.

Paula said...

That big yellow bloom is so cheerful.
I buy blooms from the £ shop & paint them all different colours with acrylics. Then when I need them they are all dry & ready to go!!

Kimberly White said...

Love both of your cards! They are just gorgeous! Have a great day! Kim

Keryn Campbell said...

You too Jo. It was my second one that landed on the blog too, after I added too much to the first one.

Both cards are gorgeous, of course. Luv your littlies little book.