Sunday, March 04, 2007

Out of the Comfort Zone

'This week its my turn (Bondgirl aka Tracie) to dare you all. I looked at my cards last week and thought hmm they are ok but they are all very similar - white square card, double matted embellishment, printed greeting. Dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with doing what you are good at, I bet we all have our "signature" ranges but I realised what a wealth of techniques and styles I wasnt trying. So this week I dare you to step outside your comfort zone and have a go at something new - be it something you have never tried, or something you havent done for ages.'

Hmmm so something I have never tried - probably either Decoupage or Tea Bag Folding. I really could not find it in me to indulge of a spot of Decoupage - I am sure those that do it enjoy and make fabulous creations but it is so not for me :)

So that left Tea Bag Folding (I did have to chuckle when I over heard two ladies of mature stature refer to it as 'teabagging' in the Papermill shop last weekend... Dad don't look it up, it's rude *blushes*)

I found this site

Downloaded, printed and following the instructions,

I made this....

'cept I didn't cos I got up and whilst making breakfast, Jared added a few bits to the original with a glue stick. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

Was all set make it again on Friday but then Jared walked in to the hoover (technically a Dyson but always called a hoover in our house lol)

So made an unscheduled trip to Casualty.

Nothing broken as apparently you don't actual bones in your nose until you are around five just lots of brusing and more developing by the day :) and we managed an unscheduled trip to visit my Nan who is currently residing in the hospital after breaking her hip :(

Back to the card.....

The card is for my Nan :) *Get well soon Nan!*
I used tea bag paper tile things that I printed from here Flower is from Dunelm Mills, Brad, can't remember but it is a MM one and the red ones are from Carolyns. Printed greeting, Hand Stitching and some Bazzill Card.
Gorgeous cards from the other Darers are on the blog here to inspire you :) The dare was super fab so thank you Tracie, not to sure that I will be stepping too far out of my comfort zone soon though lol!


Em said...

Oh no - poor little Jared :( :( ouch, that looks really sore.

Sorry to read about your nan as well (what a time you are having....) {{hugs}} to you and yours Jo.

Love the card though, no doubt that will cheer your nan up no end.

Allison said...

Oh no...poor fourteen month old had something similar last week!

Great card...fresh and fun!

Rhi said...

Beautiful Jo, I love the flower, really pretty.

Of course I had to look up teabagging since you said not to, wow, I don't think the two mature craft ladies were doing that! lol!

Get well soon Jared, and next time try not to break your nose just to avoid getting in trouble with mum ;)

Gillian Hamilton said...

This is such a beautiful card Jo.. twas very kind of Jared to help you out heh!.. poor little mite.. do hope he is feeling better that profile shot, really shows up how much it must have hurt.. All the best to your Nan too.. :o)

manicstamper said...

Oh Jo I was just in absolute stitches over the 'teabagging' as that is exactly what the mature ladies that come to the shop call it......even though we keep telling them not!!!
Fab card.

Esther said...

hope all in your family feels better soon! lovely card, also come to tell you about my goody giveaway, please stop by to complete the sentance.

Paula said...

what a brave little soldier!
Card is fab. I tried tea bag folding again a week or so ago for one of the dares, in the fold. I forgot how much fun it is!!
Time I got mysefl to dunhelm again, everyone seems to get fab buys from there!!!

Kathy said...

Poor little man - I bet bu now his nose is a wonderful colour! Well despite all the mishaps you managed a fab card - but I have to say I don't get any "wow I love this teabag folding lark, how come I've never tried it before now" vibes coming from you.....