Friday, February 20, 2015

The Cat in The Hat

Svenja dared us this week @ Daringcardmakers' with this fantastic dare;

It's Svenja here and I'd like to invite you to take a little stroll down memory lane this week. Do you remember the time when your parents would read a good-night story for you? And then the first books you read on your own? And probably over and over again just because you loved their characters so much... 

I'd like you to create a card to commemorate this time and your

Childhood (book) Heroes. 

Be it The Famous Five or The Three Investigators, Max and Moritz or Alice in Wonderland, the girls from St. Clare's or Peter Pan and Captain Hook or someone else entirely - who were the written heroes that accompanied you through your childhood and youth? 

and this is my card - a Dr Seuss themed one, I loved Dr Seuss when I was little, read the books to the boys when they were little and they have a new lease of life with Juniper :)

I used American Crafts cardstock, image snagged from t'internet and Grinched font


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