Sunday, July 30, 2006

Eat My Goal

Josh's new found love of all things football started during the World Cup, I think he watched every match and even chose football over Power Rangers!! He is proficient in using the phrases 'Eat my Goal' and 'On My Head Son' and prefers the goal keeping position...

It does mean that every visitor ( I would say guest but it's normally Jim, or as Jared would say 'Im) gets dragged into the garden so that Josh can show off his goalkeeping prowess. I think that Jim secretly enjoys it as it allows him to show off his silky smooth ball control (!) and (hopefully) impress a 4 year old :)

Even Jared has mastered the word 'Goal' but it may take a little longer to recognise that hand balls are strictly verboten in the game (Unless they can be blamed on a heavenly interuption and as Jared is of course, a little angel, perhaps he just may get away with it....)

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Jo said...

just testing!