Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Doctor! Doctor!

Ok so a bit behind with this blogging lark but will try and catch up over the next few days :)

I have loads of piccies to download so will add them as soon as poss.... First up though is little Jared looking super cool in the world's smallest hospital gown. Jared was born with a little skin tag on his left ear and although it needed removing, Swindon would not add Jared to their waiting list so we had to travel to Oxford. Not that far really but it was a bit of an early start for all last Monday, including Mum and Dad who were drafted in to look after Josh.

Jared was a superstar! He had to have a general anaesthetic as I presume, he would not keep still enough for them to remove the tag. He was so well behaved whilst we were there and was not even bothered when the nurse removed the venflon from his hand. He recovered almost immediately after he was brought round and, after he had devoured some toast, had a drink and filled his nappy (and it was full :)) we were allowed to take him home.

No repeat visits needed and he just has the tiniest of scars. I am sure that it will soon fade so a job well done!

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