Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Why oh why is the Royal Mail so useless? You send something via Special Delivery and it is states 'guaranteed by 1pm next day' Apparently though, this only means 'guaranteed by 1pm next day' if you pay extra on top of the monies that you have paid for this service in addition to the funds that you have parted with for normal postal charges. Otherwise, it is just guaranteed to get there, when they feel like delivering it... Make sense? No, it didn't to me either :)

Particularly annoying as I discovered after deciding to enter the Card Maker of the Year Comp and now find out that my entry may not have reached there in time :(

Today, I also found out that an Ebay purchase sent via this service also will now not reach it's destination until possible tomorrow when it should have been there yesterday. *grrr*

And... (I know 'And' should not have a capital 'A' but I wanted to start a sentence with it anyway) I posted a Birthday card on Sunday to a member of the Birthday club on CBC and find out that the postie was off sick so no mail was collected on Monday therefore my card was late *double grrr*

On a lighter note, I did find the latest set of papers made by Blonde Moments, they are particularly lush and I deffo need them all :)

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