Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Can Sing a Rainbow

Josh survived his week of school... *note to self* add pictures of Josh in uniform* and this week came the first of the requests... to take in something colour, material or elephant related. So after a really helpful suggestion from Jase of a rainbow striped material elephant (I didn't bother checking, I know we don't have one of those!) I thought I would make him a tag book :) It is not the most embellished book and some of the shapes are a bit iffy although the hand cut whale is better than I imagined. Tis finished. Hurrah! and Josh likes it which is the main thing. I did have a TV on the black page but Josh pointed out that TV's are silver as I guess most are now so it became Sid the Spider.

So... I made it with Bazzill, patterned paper scraps, printed colour names, inked some edges and tied lots of ribbon on the top :)


Jane said...

ohh ! I'm so impressed ! that is just so cool ! I bet you are teachers pet this week ! I love it Jo....might do one for Harry - would you mind ?

Jane said...

ooops..I meant I might do one for Harry, I wasn't asking you to do it ! red face !

Jo said...

lol, no of course i don't mind :) might take a while for it to get there if I made it though so probably better if you do it :)