Thursday, June 14, 2007


Finally sorted the camera stuff out and have bought a spare battery on that well known auction site :) The wonderful seller had a few bits and bobs to go with my camera as his had broken so purchased a tripod too, hopefully it will improve my sometimes dodgy photographic skills! Pants that his camera has broken but definitely fabbo for me!

Cheapo listing day today on eBay so added a few bits and bobs, including these toppers :)

Don't forget new dare tomorrow!

jo xx


Est xxx said...

Great toppers Jo, may have to purchase some of these from you!!!

Regarding the pants/ is trousers, pants is a northern saying, I am really from down south but lived up north for 15 years so occasionally adopt some of the words!!!

Gillian said...

heeeheee..... these are sooooo CUTE them..