Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Under the spotlight!

Really excited - I'm this week's under the spotlight interviewee at Do Crafts here


Kate said...

You and Kirsty seem to have the DoCrafts bug. Can't wait to see your take on their products (Kirsty's layout is very different to their usual style). Are your 1st cards in the latest issue, or do we have to wait for the next one?

Anonymous said...

"Fantabulous" Jo..nice to read a little about you...well Done:)

Em said...


How exciting!!!! Congratulations I am so chuffed for you.

Such a HUGE shame that they made such a GLARING error though - you must be distraught....

"What are your favourite sources of inspiration?"

They didn't print my name!!!

tut! tut!!

LOL - am v proud of you mrs!

Patsy Jackson said...

Fab interview Jo! Really pleased to see you are so busy making fabby things as usual :)

Patsy x

Judy said...

Congratulations, Jo!

I have left you an award on my blog!
Judy NZ