Wednesday, November 22, 2006

For Sale

Made a few toppers to sell on that well known auction website :)


Gillian Hamilton said...

Wow your a busy girl.
they are just beautiful...
Jo can I please put you on my link list on my blog? You are such a clever chicky...

Paula said...

Very pretty & festive Jo, haven't you been busy. I wish I could stay home a few days & just play. I know I need to work to get the stash cash, but there is little to do & I hate to sit bored when I could be making things!!!
Who wants to take a jetski out in this miserable wet weather anyhow, only a madman!!!!!!!!

Lousette said...

Found a link to your site on UKS, and I can only agree with Anita's original post over there - your cards are amazing, fresh and inspirational. I don't normally buy Papercraft Inspirations, but I will definitely take a second look from now on. Good luck with Card Maker of the Year.
Lousette Ashton

Debbie said...

Rhi - absolutely fantastic toppers - you keep coing up with some brill ideas.

Love your sparkle card :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow your toppers are lovely!!!
I hope they sell for lots of money :)