Thursday, November 23, 2006

Say Cheese!

After the whole house feeling fluey (is that a word?!) at the start of the week everyone is mostly now on the mend :) Jared is definitely better and today decided to 'alter' the telebox with cheesestrings...

He actually did it whilst Lazytown was on but I had to wait for Jase to remove it cos cheese is evil and must not be touched sniffed or eaten (let alone used as an altering medium) (imo!)

So I'm guessing that he thought that it was time Sporticus needed a new moustache...

and onwards... a couple (or three) sites for you to peruse...

first up we have... UKScrappers. I was pointed in the direction of this very flattering yet at the same time a bit embarrassing thread...

Thank you Anita for posting my blog and thank you everyone for the really kind comments that you have posted. I feel all warm and special :)

And the next... is Anam's blog Anam is the most fabby scrapper, so talented , a DT member for Pencil Lines and a BOB winner :)

Finally... Gillian's blog, Gillian is an amazing crafty lady, her blog is just full of fantastic cards and layouts.

and that's it :) For those of you who Dare! (and those who don't) don't forget to check out the new challenge tomorrow. It be mine muhahahaha :) No actually not scary but really good fun.... if you are reading this... 'hello' *waves madly*... see you all tomorrow :)

1 comment:

Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh your a bit cute!!!
thankyou for that, now I'm a bit embarrassed... (can you feel the warmth of my blush all the way from Australia).. :o)
So glad your household is feeling better now Jo, Let's hope you all stay that way. TTFN Gillian :o)