Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Blonde Moments

Hahaha! I wrote a list to remind me which bits to look out for on my recent jaunt to the NEC and Jase enquired as to why I had written 'Blonde Moments'... 'cos you have enough of those already!' Any hoo, it was the paper that I was referring to and have finally managed to make some Christmas cards using them...

Josh is now on the mend after feeling very snuffly...

...and made a card :)

I supervised the embossing but he did all the rest himself, he was so proud of his stamping, he didn't want to stick the tree on top as people would not be able to see the snowflakes :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,
What gorgeous Christmas Cards... I'm sure they will be loved and treasured by all who recieve them.. They are just beautiful.
Hey Josh, Cool card, your mummy must be sooo proud of you are so clever. I bet who ever gets it will be very happy..

Paula said...

Lovely cards using your "blonde moments" which just goes to prove not every moment is a dumb one!!!! Thought I can't say the same for me & Im mainly a redhead!!!!!
Josh, what a fabbydo card, I love the embossing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Cards Jo, stunning as always. And well done Josh, what a great card!

Rhi x

iralamija said...

OMG!!! WHAT a beautiful work! I love all those Christmas cards!!

Have a nice day.