Friday, December 22, 2006

Coffee Mug

School's out for Christmas!

I am so sorry, I just have not had time to make a card for this week's Dare - Mainly due to the festive season but also due to an inane amount of people having Birthdays in December (me included!) There are some fantastic cards this week from all the other girls on the blog... wander on over and check them out!

I have made (in the nick of time) presents for Josh's teacher and TA's... They can now be reminded of my son each time they have a cup (or mug) of coffee (or tea!)

I purchased the mugs from Robert Dyas..
This is how they look before assembly (fairly simple as time is of the essence!)

and this is how they look once assembled...

I hope that the recipients like them!!

Josh has had a fantastic first term at school, he is a little tired but has worked so hard, he was a 'guest' in his first Nativity play - imaginatively titled 'Jesus the extra terrestrial party! They had spacemen and aliens visiting the stable to greet Jesus alongside the angels, shepherds and wise men lol....


Rhi said...

Wow, aliens at the nativity! I love the mugs, what a cool gift for the teachers and no one will nick their cup either!

Merry Christmas :)
Rhi x

Gillian Hamilton said...

Gorgeous Coffee Mug Jo... love that you crumpled the paper.
Thankyou so much for all of your wonderful inspiration. i've loved dropping by & I wish you & your family a very happy Christmas,
God Bless, Gillian :o)

Paula said...

Merry Christmas, Jo.
I'm poorly & I didn't even know the dare was up!!!!!
Have a great time & all the best for 2007.