Tuesday, January 09, 2007


This week's little extra was inspired by a load of old rubbish!

You could use a bit of ribbon from a cracker, paper from a paper hat, a piece of leftover wrapping paper, a bit of card/paper/ribbon from a box of chocs - as long as it's something saved, or scavenged it's allowed!

Of course, it does not have to be Christmas leftovers, I am sure that you all have bits and pieces lovingly saved from being chucked out in the rubbish!!

So inspired by wonderful Kathy, I have made a faux chipboard present using a leftover mince pie box.... The paper arrived in the post on Saturday - not bought, I hasten to add, still trying to get to the bottom of where it came from! Punched scallop circle, hand cut yellow circle and sizzix small circles. White paper ribbon is also left over from Christmas, checked ribbon is from a dept store in Newbury, I forget its name at the mo.... oh and a peel off :)

There is also currently a challenge on the CBC forum to use up leftover bits and pieces...


Rein said...

This is pretty!

Paula said...

this confused me as I kept checking the site all day yesterday for a mid week xtra & today it says it was posted on Monday!!!!
Love the card, I have only just read it & know exactly what I'm going to do. Sadly I have 7 hours at work to go first!!!
this work lark is bad for the social life!!!!!!

Maisymary's Findings said...

Hey Jo !

Love the ribbon & the Birthday peel off !

Great card ! love the colours !

& a beautiful cat you have there , Bagpuss ! I see the point about having pets now - to have another better subject when the kids don't cooperate for the camera ! lol

Thanks for all your kind words & comments as always !

xo, Pearl

Kathy said...

I love it. Love the colours, love it all!

Gillian Hamilton said...

I love the way you alter Mince Pie Boxes.... Totally amazing.. :o) LOL!!!
Fantastic Card Jo...