Sunday, October 28, 2007


I got tagged by the lovely, Anne Now I've got 5 questions to answer:

1. If you could have 100.00 worth of scrapbook paper or assorted embellishments, which would you choose?

Hmmmm I think I would have to go for the papers as they can then be used to make embellies (if that is allowed lol)

2. If you had to choose between using only stamps or rubons, which would you choose?

Hahaha. I am the worst stamper in the world so rub ons win hands down.

3. If you knew how to do both awesome cards and layouts but could only do one for a whole year...which would you do?

Cards :) Not yet attempted scrapbooking (apart from some scrappy cards with piccies on) So definitely think I would prefer to make cards for the year.

4. Would you rather own a scrapbooking store or have your own scrapping room at home...(can't have both he he he)

I guess if you had a scrapstore then you would have your own little place to scrap, not too sure how much time you would get to make anything so will have to go for room at home although my dining room will suffice for the mean time :)

5. And last but not least, what is your CURRENT cardmaking or scrapping style....Now this can be tough to nail down!

Do I have a style? Don't know, if hard pressed I would probably call it randomness lol.

Now for the hardest part, to pick only 5 people to tag! I have chosen, in no particular order: Jane Kathy Saffa Rhi Lynne

I made a card for My Mum and Dad to give to Auntie Margaret and Uncle Ken to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary.

^^Auntie Margaret and Uncle Ken on Holiday^^

I used Pink Petticoat paper, Dovecraft ribbon, Creative Impressions brads, Doodlebug rubons
Bazzill Brads and Primas.

I used word to print text in a circle - a mini tutorial is here :)

And finally, I also got tagged by Patsy :) to list 7 facts about me, I can't actually think of anything else that might be interesting so here are my answers from last time lol!

1) I have Turophobia (might need to google that one!)
2) I have 'shoulder dimples' does my sister, never met anyone else with them though...
3) I like drinking tomato juice, coffee and those posh chocolatey drinks with cream on from Starbucks
4) My fav programme (at the mo.) is Prison Break, with Heroes coming a close second.
5) Apart from Sleeping and Bathing, I live in my pink crocs.
6) I don't have a middle name.
7) If I had a big enough garden, I would like a pet cow.

and the others...

1. I once did work experience in an abbatoir
2. I can say the alphabet backwards just as fast as forwards
3. My most favouritist colour in the whole wide world is PINK
4. Loving Dexter and Jekyll on the telebox at the mo.
5. I like eating Pate and Marmalade sandwiches - used to like Pate and Jam but found this new combo a couple of weeks ago...
6. I once had tea with Peter Duncan (lol!)
7. I still have turophobia....

So there you go a whole 14 facts that you probably never wanted to know :) Actually my most favoritist programme on the telebox at the mo has to be Spooks with Prison Break a close second... If you have not yet completed this little tagaroonie, consider yourself tagged :)



The Cryer Family said...

Enjoyed reading everything! Those first lot of questions really got me thinking!!
Love the card for your Aunt and Uncle - really great!

Michelle said...

Hi Jo, Just got my monthly dose of P.I love the toppers - they are absolutely gorgeous. Adore the "in love" card. As for the little i-pod, well I have no idea how you make such stunning embellishments out of a piece of card and eyelet.Truly inspirational...

Kathy said...

Fab post Jo!

I've gone my tag answers for the crafty one

Pearl said...

Always fun to come by & see your wonderful creations Jo ! These random facts abt you are a blast ! lol